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Renault Service & Parts Offers

JJ Burke Renault has an extensive and well-equipped motor service centre, efficiently run by a team of Renault Trained Specialists.  The team offer a friendly, top-level service and are open 5 days a week Monday to Friday with one Saturday Service taking place once a month. With the latest computerised diagnostic equipment, our technicians can diagnose and check any problems efficiently and effectively.


J.J. Burke Renault Timing Belt Offer.  Timing Belt Replacement including Fan Belt Kit for just €399inc VAT!  Offer is valid until 31st December.  Water Pump is not included in cost and offer is available on ALL 1.5 litre engines or smaller - 5 Years or Older.  Did you know the recommended timing belt replacement is 120,000km or 5 Years whichever comes first.  The timing belt is one of the most crucial parts to your vehicles engine therefore regular checks and replacement at correct intervals ensures your engine is running at its optimum and reduces the risk of the timing belt breaking causing catastrophic engine damage!  To book an appointment please call 094 9541359.

Air Conditioning Re-Gas Service just €95inc VAT.  Sometimes if the air conditioning system in your vehicle is left unused for a period of time this can cause unpleasant and sometimes unhealthy odours occur which can create allergic reactions due to condensation forming in your system combining with the heat from the vehicles engine causing bacteria and fungi to grow.  To prevent this we recommend a Re-Gas Service carried out every 2 years to prevent this from happening and helps your vehicle run more efficiently therefore saving you money.  To book an appointment please call 094 9541359

Brake Fluid Replacement - €49inc VAT.  Recommended interval every 5 Years.  Call today to book an appointment. Coolant Replacement - €89inc VAT.    Recommended change every 3 years or 48,000km whichever comes first.  Call today to book an appointment



Alternatively you can book an appointment online by filling out the form below and one of our representatives will contact you with a confirmation booking