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Peugeot Service & Parts Offers

From the initial sale of your new Peugeot through to any after sales care you may need, J.J. Burke Peugeot aims to provide you with the best customer service.  We offer a range of maintenance care such as Peugeot servicing, NCT checks and accident repair to keep your car in optimum condition.  Additionally, we stock and fit approved Peugeot parts, so you can rest assured your vehicle is in good hands!



Your timing belt is a relatively small part, but it is a vital component to ensure a smooth running engine. It helps to stop the moving parts of your engine from colliding into each other. If it breaks it could cause an accident and land you with a  major repair bill.

  • It makes sense to have your timing belt checked regularly
  • The belt helps control the moving parts in your engine, including the crankshaft, camshaft and valves
  • It’s made of a rubber-based compound and can deteriorate through general wear and tear
  • If your timing belt fails, you may need to have your whole engine replaced

*Terms & Conditions Apply.



Cleaning, disinfection of your evaporator and replacement of the pollen filter*.  This is where bacteria and micro-organisms like to breed as they enter the cabin through the vents and cause unpleasant and allergic reactions.  Replacing the pollen filter is particularly important as it filters pollen, dust, dirt and other impurities.

The air conditioner system is checked for performance and leakage. Natural evaporation of the refrigerant and the possibility of moisture and dirt entering the system through porous seals, or stones being deflected up from the road, will have a detrimental effect on the system.  If moisture and dirt is not cleaned from the system regularly, it can lead to a total failure of the system and compressor, resulting in an unexpected and expensive repair bill.

*Pollen Filter inspection and recommended to be replaced if necessary at an extra cost

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