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Renault Captur 2020 changes for the better















The Renault Captur has over the last number of years consistently been a hit with buyers in Ireland and the new 2020 version is sure to continue this trend.

The new version is undoubtably more stylish inside and out and I noticed I had plenty of admiring looks coming my way when reviewing this attractive compact crossover.

Inside the cabin the interior is inviting and luxurious, with nice touches of chrome and ambient lighting in the door panels, on top of a large vertical 9.3inch multimedia touchscreen, along with multiple USB charging points.

A new storage compartment in the top of the dashboard is now easier to reach and it’s big enough to swallow up your phone, keys and wallet, or purse. The seats are covered in high-grade materials and soft coverings for the dashboard. The instrument panel is well lit and easily visible to the eye, although as with all new cars these days, there maybe a little bit too much information for the driver’s brain to take in all at once.

The power train on the my review model was a 1-litre Turbo Charged Petrol engine. I must admit before I drove this car I was a little apprehensive on whether the engine size would affect the performance of a car this size.

However, my apprehension was corrected within the first few minutes. The pull and power that this small turbo engine provides is really very impressive and on top of that you get a very pleasing low growl from this 1-litre engine, reminding you she’s a petrol, something sadly missing in most diesel powered cars.

The lights have been upgraded to keep in with the rest of the Renault range and are now full LED which is an added bonus on our mainly unlit roads.

The Captur would you believe is about the same size as the Renault Clio but its extra height over a Renault Clio means longer springs and a little more cushioning. It’s quite a smooth car, especially over urban bumps, which it soaks up with ease. Even when you hit rougher surfaces, road noise is kept at bay well.

As before, the new Captur features a sliding rear bench seat that allows you to prioritise space for rear passengers or luggage. Boot capacity is up 81 litres, taking it to 536 litres in total. It also has a useful double floor that lets you lower the load height or keep a separate storage area beneath the floor. The Captur is bigger than most in this segment so there is plenty of room for your luggage, buggies, golf clubs etc. Overall, in my mind this car would ideally suit the singles, couples or a family of four with room to spare.

All in all, the new Captur has a lot going for it with a new chunkier feel, standout styling and exceptional looks. It’s also very competitively priced so it’s one to consider for 2020.

Gary Middleton (Mayo News)